Warming up Some More with oodles of noodles

It was 1:30 a.m and the bell started chiming. Am I dreaming? No. The consistent chime of an insistent doorbell drilling a hole through my consciousness brought me to this world. Fear seized me. Who on earth would come home at that ungodly hour???

Afraid that I would wake up the others I tiptoed to the door and switched on the light at the door. Peeping through the peep hole I saw a mischievous eye staring back at me. The eyes that followed me everywhere I walked, even before he could utter a word. The eye that spelt mischief and trouble but predominantly love. Love, happiness and the warmth of a beautiful surprise overwhelmed me as I threw open the doors to throw my arms around my darling son, who was totally an unexpected gift on a chilling cold, rainy night!

“Amma”followed by “pasikkardhu” in a nano second confirmed that it indeed was my son, who travelled across oceans to give us a sweet surprise on the eve of his father’s birthday (used as an excuse) to eat off from my kitchen. His mom’s kitchen. What will I make at 2 .00 am? To feed this adorable kid who lives to eat instead of eating to live. 😉

Amma, please no junk! but something interesting. And healthy, mind you. And tasty. “Dei!!!” You don’t allow me to enjoy a night sleep and on top of it, you give me a ‘masterchef -challenge!”. I looked at him with disdain but I had my trusted Somemore millet noodles in my store. I took out my chopping board and while exchanging interesting stories, cabbage, carrot, capsicum was cut. Some More noodles was getting ready to be dressed up in a pot of boiling water. In a shallow pan, I sauteed a little crushed garlic, sprinkled some till seeds and split and chopped chillies with the vegetables in a little bit of gingelly oil and as the vegetables were getting cooked, I drained the noodles and washed them in excess water. The delicious aroma filled the house and the murmur of equally delicious conversations woke up  A and S. At 2:30 a.m, our little family, my heaven on this earth; enjoyed a meal of delicious Some More noodles to celebrate life somemore : of sweet homecomings, to thank the creator somemore for giving this laughter sunshine and happiness on a cold bitter night that lashed rains on an unassuming sleeping Chennai.