All things simple and wonderful👧🏻🧒🏻👶🏻

Chitra was packing for her trip back home when she suddenly remembered an important item in her checklist. Food for Anindita, her little one. She was 7 months old now and she had started her weaning foods with suggestions from her mom. It’s a different story in India. There are people to help and moms’ presence and their wisdom is a big plus. It’s going to be a different journey in the US. Her husband, bless him, was a good chap always willing to help ;but being a doctor, he cannot be relied on at all times. His help is required by others too.😊

The foods that are available there are instant foods, bottled in tiny jars or ready to be reconstituted with milk or water. There are many options there but she was reminded of the creamy concoction that her mother used to give her kid brother. She remembered those days when she used to beg her mother to make a little extra so that she can help herself to some of that. A smile was playing on her lips when she thought of those simple days and she was brought back to the present with a jolt when her mother came to the room with the screaming Anindita into the room.

“Amma, what was the yummy 😋 thing that you used to give Keshav while he was young 👶🏻 ? It used to smell heavenly and taste absolutely yummy?” Her mother spoke about the kanji recipe handed over to her through generations and how my brother and I used to love the kanji’s taste and always ask for more. Looking at her now old and tired mother Chitra did not want to trouble her any further.Her mother offered to make the kanji Maavu but Chitra refused.

The next day Chitra went to a Babeeworld and she found First Spoon by Some More. A good cereal-pulse combination with the added advantage of condiments that act as digestives.  Traditional recipe in modern packaging !!!She thought that this was the answer to her new dilemma. Buying FirstSpoon Rice, she was taken by surprise when the outlet manager explained how she can place the order for First Spoon even online.

Sometimes, life just becomes easy! Chitra armed with her new find, went back home in peace to resume her packing.