Light the lamp at the altar of tradition this Diwali!

It’s the season of lights✨💥🎆🎇 and a season of gifts 🎁! Why don’t we try to enlighten ourselves by gifting ourself “Tradition “?

Malini, a mother of two lovely kids did just that. Malini is our customer and we would like to share her story with you this Diwali.

Malini observed that kids liked snacking and the shops were abound with snacks and she was surrounded by news from all sides how nutrition related inadequacies in the diet of young children led to early onset of obesity, anaemia and a host of other problems when children approach puberty. The previous post on nutrient labelling ( had made her aware of the importance of reading food labels and she was aghast at the amount of salt and preservatives and additives that are packed into delectable looking and tasting snacks. The wrappers and labelling themselves were looking very attractive and she was filled with remorse for also being  a part of the world that falls for external appearances rather than what goes inside.

This Diwali, Malini vowed to kill the asuras 👹 in a spoonful of food. The artificial ingredients that deviously get into a plate insidiously. She waded through the products in the market for products that were loaded with ingredients that increased the shelf life of the food. She mentally threw 🤾🏻‍♀️them off her shopping lists. She found that a ready made food might give us convenience of filling up the tummies of little children in no time but the beauty of relying on our hands to create fresh food 🥙🥕🥗for our children that carries the maximum nutrition has been ignored for long.

She chanced upon Firstspoon for her second child 👶🏻 in a store and was impressed by the simplicity of the product in relying on traditional methods of preparation and avoiding any synthetic additives during processing. She picked up Some More Health mix for her family and picked up some good old Kadalai maavu ( gram flour) and some butter to make some ghee. She was going to make some mysorepak on her own. 🤤🤤No store bought sweets. She is going to make sathumaavu laddoos too out of Some More  Health Mix.(

The asuras that are the chemicals taking us to hell : the narakaasuras of the plate 🍽were abolished from her house. It’s truly going to be a fantabulous Diwali.💥✨

Light the lamp at the altar of tradition and bring back the spirit of 🇮🇳 India!!!

Happy Diwali from Some More