Let heaven and nature sing

We in India always enjoy our Decembers.

Decembers herald in the end of our toils for the past year

Decembers reign in the pleasantries associated with pre harvest period

Decembers in Chennai are celebrated for the dance music and drama

Decembers with Christmas and Margazhi are a season of joyful thanks, happy family get togethers, gifting,Β end of Half yearly exams and semester exams for students, a time for peace and contentment.

We at Somemore are grateful for the gifts that Santa Claus delivered to us from up above: the relaunch of two of our products, with improved formula, Some more Health mix and First Spoon wheat, and a new weaning product, First Spoon Rice. Apart from the awards and recognition that we have gained ever since , its with gratitude that we thank our almighty who helped us appreciate the bounty of nature in offering its ingredients in the preparation of our products with the right amount of processing to retain its goodness.


As we enrich our lives more in appreciation of nature, I invite you all in appreciating the goodness in a plate of food that is fresh and prepared with love, appreciating the hands that make food for us, right from sowing the grain, watering it, tending to it and harvesting it and all the hands involved in logistics till it reaches our plate.

Let us stay Merry this Christmas appreciating β€œ today” that no Santa needs to bring to us. Let’s create a Happy Christmas everyday by bringing forth the divine in each one of us.

With lots of love,

Somemore Foods.