Journey of Some More

It was a casual conversation that I was having with my friend at a regular meeting; a mother of a six month old baby who was surely not done fretting over the details in excitement.

He has started moving about by rolling over, obviously delighting himself and his parents; started communicating with curious sounds which meant a world to my friend. “He is more active than ever Deepa! I want to start introducing foods. After feeding him for so long with what nature’s best offering, ‘breastmilk’ I am not sure if what I would feed him would be as close to nature as possible or whether it would be a complete food that would satisfy his growth requirements. I wonder how he will battle with the quality of food which is loaded with pesticides, herbicides and what not!!! I really feel guilty to start weaning him, Deepa, which I should not! ” she had confided. The problem was something everyone had accepted; after breastfeeding, a mother has no choice but to slowly shift to baby food that exists in the market but at the cost of filling a vulnerable body with highly processed substances.

This was when the idea came to me to change the way we feed our babies and even go back in history to bring back the goodness of authentic traditional methods. I had never been more thankful that my education directly could support my cause. With a splash of inspiration, I got into the kitchen and put together a few of the best tasting and highly nutritiousingredients that would make a yummy porridge withmilk. Thus Some More Complete Health Mix was born and my friends and family were supportive to not let it remain a one-time success.

They encouraged me to make it official. After about a year in 2013, the registration of Some More Food Products legalized it and we were ready to make dreams come true. Of filling babies’ tummies with what is good for them. On the advice of Dr. Esther Sathiaraj, Deepa came up with a simpler health mix for weaning infants and that’s how First Spoon was born. Now after about 4 years, it’s reached people over other states and has gotten me to range into other products extending to better the health of the whole family. Babies may have gotten the ‘First Spoon’ but there’s surely enough food for all to go around in the plate- noodles or sevai or puttu mix! It wasn’t easy, but it sure was fun! A lot of time goes into research, spending time with my own family because I have so many places and additional responsibilities towards the brand itself.

There was no way that I could’ve done without my mentors. Even if you know your subject, you need people who’ve experienced the subject to talk about what can be done and where I can prepare myself for challenges. We recently got in-touch with more people who’ve given us this cool new website and there are million other changes that keep evolving us! It’s just that we need to run along with the winds of trend and sometimes change the direction of the drift itself! I have picked my opportunity to give organic and 100% preservative-free food, I’m sure you can too, in your own way.

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