First Spoon Wheat, Rice and Dhal

First Spoon Wheat, Rice and Dhal


Perfect for Infants of 10+ months

The nourishment required for a developing child must be given such that the food must be a concentrated wellspring of vitality and other basic supplements on the grounds that the volume devoured by the infant is less. First Spoon Wheat Rice and Dhal is an ideal mix of starches and proteins that upgrades amino corrosive accessibility. It gives you Iron, that helps underway of RBC and advances muscle development. The phytochemicals present in Cardamom helps in absorption and battle ailment causing operators.

Dietary benefits of ingredients

Wheat, wealthy in Carbohydrates gives vitality to body exercises, development and building tissue quality.

Hand-beat Rice furnishes vitality with extra advantages of basic B Vitamins and cancer prevention agents that are lost during cleaning in white rice.

Seared Gram :When Bengal gram is cooked, it loses some enemy of nourishment substances and offers better quality protein, fundamental for a developing child.

Moong Dhal has a decent amino corrosive piece, which when joined with singed gram, wheat and hand-beat rice gives an exceptionally nutritious item.

Cardamom confers a decent flavor to the porridge separated from being a decent stomach related and a storage facility of Antioxidants.

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