Wheat Sevai

Wheat Sevai

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Millet is a superfood packed with nutrients and has more protein than rice which makes it an healthy alternate for rice. Millet Sevai is healthy meal option for the entire family which is easy to cook and delicious. This product is relished by kids and also by elderly people .Try out all our 10 varieties (Wheat, Moringa and 8 millet sevais) for benefitting from each of the ingredients used.

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Wheat Sevai is a healthy sevai which we can prepare from wheat flour.

Wheat is the most common cereal grain, which comes from a type of grass (Triticum). The whole grain kernel of wheat, composed of bran (outer layer), wheat germ, and endosperm (innermost part), is an immense energy source.

Preparation method of Wheat sevai:

Soak the sevai in water for 1 min. Spread it thoroughly on ‘idli pan’ and cook for 10 minutes. In a kadai, splutter mustard seeds, add bengal gram dhal and black gram dhal. Saute green chillies, grated ginger, onions and vegetables of your choice. Add salt to taste. When they are cooked, add the steamed sevai to the kadai, mix well and serve hot. For sweet sevai, add coconut powder and natural sugar (brown).


  • Sevai is popular throughout South India as a meal throughout the day. Sevai is mostly made fresh starting from rice grains. It is also prepared from dried sevai packs (or rice sticks) like the instant ones in the Asian grocery stores.Sevai is prepared from home made rice flour but I am preparing it with store bought rice flour using the traditional Sevai presser or Nazhi. Both Sevai and Idiyappam have lot of histories.
  • Sevai is a traditional rice noodles made using Raw Rice. The dough will be made using rice and it’s further made to rice noodles using Seavi Nazhi (Sevai Maker). It looks similar to Idiappam but the method of preparation is different.


  Benefits of wheat sevai:
  • It’s a superfood!
  • Lowers cholesterol from high fat diets
  • Easy to take
  • A natural energizer
  • good for diabetes
  • reduce the blood sugar issues


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  1. swathi

    reasonable price and good for health , easy to use.

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