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Complete Health mix

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    Why is SomeMore Health Mix Healthy?

    No Preservatives100% NaturalNo added MSGNo Artificial Flavour

    Why to Buy SomeMore Health Mix?

    Tasty & HealthyFor All Ages
    Rs. 250.00

    Energy, 392.25 Kcal

    Protien, 13.96 g

    Carbohydrates, 71.57 g

    Fat, 5.57 g

    Dietary Fibre, 9.29 g

    Calcium, 173.71 mg

    Iron, 4.45 mg

    Sodium, 6.13 mg

    Pottassium, 324.25 mg

    Magnesium, 134.75 mg

    Phosphorus, 3060.36 mg/Kg

    Selenium, 0.07 mg/Kg

    Folic acid, 293.14 µg


    • Take 3 tbsp(30g) of Complete health mix.
    • Add 300ml boiled milk & cook for 2-3 minutes by stirring continuously.
    • Add sugar or honey to taste and serve warm.
    • Variation:
    • Cook with water and serve with thick buttermilk and salt. Suggested Feeds - Twice a day.

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