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Instant Wheat Noodles

Rs. 89.00

Wheat is called as Gehun in Hindi, Godhi in Kannada, Gothumbu in Malayalam, Godumai in Tamil), Gahu in Marathi.

Wheat is a good source of fibre and folic acid that helps in protecting the neurons of brain. It is also a good source of selenium, manganese, phosphorus, copper and the B-vitamin, folate. Common types of metabolic syndromes like visceral obesity, high triglycerides, low levels of protective HDL cholesterol, and high blood pressure can be prevented with regular consumption of wheat.

Why is SomeMore Millet Noodles Healthy?

Not oil FriedNo Preservatives100% NaturalNo added MSGNo MaidaNo Artificial Flavour

Why to Buy SomeMore Noodles?

Tasty & HealthyEasy 10 Mins CookFor All Ages
Rs. 89.00

Energy, 295.14Kcal
Fibre, 10.68g
Protein, 10.17g
Fat, 1.45g
Carbohydrate, 60.34g

Cooking Method:

  • Heat one tablespoon of sesame oil in a pan, add onions and sauté (stir) for 2 minutes.
  • Add carrots, capsicum, cabbage and any desired vegetables, sprinkle sufficient water to allow the vegetables to cook.
  • Add seasoning (included in the pack) and 850 ml of water to the mixture, stir well and bring to boil.
  • Now add noodles and cook it for 8 - 10 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • Yummy Some More noodles is ready & Serve hot.

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